23Mission Big Board

23Mission Big Board

This year, 23Students is stretching our service farther across the United States. We will be taking 25 teens to McAllen, TX for a week in June. For the past two years, large numbers of immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have entered the country and been picked up by the U.S. Border Patrol. Many, mostly women and children, have been traveling for days or weeks and then held in detention by Border Patrol. For these immigrants, their journey has been difficult and dangerous. 
    Our students will be getting hands-on experience serving some of the people who have been the most rejected in our world. We are really excited for this opportunity.
    Because we are going farther, we require more assistance and are looking to you, our parish, for support. We are asking for financial and spiritual assistance. Please consider taking a number from the remaining list and donating that amount to our cause. Thank you so much!

The Big Board

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