Be Authentic.
Love God.
Serve Others.

Paul Devine
HSM Coordinator

Erin Nagy
56M/78M Coordinator

23Boosters is our parent support group for our Family Ministries(K-12). Ministry not only impacts the kids and students but also their families. ll adults are welcomed! The mission of 23Boosters is to lead adults and kids closer to Christ through providing support for our Core Disciple Leaders.

The 23Booster Ministry wants to tackle 3 different areas:

  1. Kitchen Crew

    • This is a team that preps and makes food 1-2 times a semester for various functions.

  2. Special Events

    • Helping to chaperone or assist in some of our special events throughout the year (e.g. Jesus Night, VBS, 30Hour Famine, 78M Scavenger Hunt, HSM Lock-In, Trivia Fundraiser, etc…)

  3. Prayer & Care

    • This team commits to praying for specific students, sending cards, celebrating our Disciple Leaders, or helping with a new Volunteer Appreciation Night this year

Our mission is to help teens in the St. John XXIII community develop an authentic relationship with Christ and the Church. These teens will grow to be disciples of both and to love and serve others, building more disciples.