23Core Disciples

Be Authentic.

Love God.

Serve Others.


23Core is our next generation ministers. They are adults from all ages who understand the importance of the next-gen and want to fulfill our mission and vision of building disciples. Very simply, a Core member's job is to share Jesus Christ with teens. Your responsibility is prayer, loving teenagers, and showing teens that they are valued and loved by God. Different age groups meet at different times. Below are the main teams

56M on Tuesdays

JHM on Thursdays

HSM on Sundays & Wednesdays


We have a 4 step process for being involved in our 23 Student Ministries.

1. Mission Intro

Take a look at our Core Covenant. This document is a helpful one if you are discerning Core Team as a possibility.

2. SERVE for 4 weeks

This is not so much for us as it is for you. We have learned that it is important for us to give you an opportunity to try us out and see if this is a good fit for you. We don't want you to feel the pressure of making a commitment when you are not sure you want to. We will assign a current 23Core member to you. They will help introduce you to the ministry and journey with you in the beginning. 

3. Legal Checks

This sometimes seems burdensome but is really crucial to the safety of both you and the students. As we speak further with you, we will guide you through this process.


If you feel like the Core Team is something that you would like to join, please contact us.

Our mission is to help teens in the St. John XXIII community develop an authentic relationship with Christ and the Church. These teens will grow to be disciples of both and to love and serve others, building more disciples.