Alpha Session Two
Jesus: Who is He?

Team Assignments: 
Dinner Setup And Serve: Parent Boosters
Check-In Table: Julie
Parent Welcome:  Kristina and Steve
Single and Mingle: Paul, Michael, Peter, Shayne, Kelly, Ashley


Environment: Music Playing, LED in Roncalli, Welcome on Screens

Students will check-in at table and receive name tag, can go and sit anywhere in Roncallli for dinner.  (Available Family Group leaders will mingle and strike up conversation.)

Conversation Ideas: (memorize some, don’t read questions to them… :-) ) 

What’s your name? 
Where do you go to school? 
What are three things that you are grateful for today?
What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten? 
What App do you use the most? 
What did you do over the summer? 
Do you play any sports? 
What’s the most valuable thing you own?

DINNER  - 6:30 p.m.

Dinner: Parents Boosters are Coordinating     

Prayer Before the Meal (ask a teen to lead it.) 
Dinner Game - What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

Bring up one, two or more participants who are willing to do whatever it takes to get a delicious treat. It could be anything from doing 10 push-ups to drinking clam juice. This makes for a fun game for all to watch (and play).

The game includes eight rounds (of video) which you will prepare the supplies for in advance:
- Eat baby food
- Do a cartwheel
- Drink clam juice
- Dance with no music for 30-seconds
- Eat a spoonful of mustard
- Do 10 push-ups
- Sing “I’m a little tea pot”
- Winner: free Klondike bar

7:00 - Announce Boys New Groups

Small Group Game - Clap, Clap, Boom 

Game Play Instructions
FIRST: Teach your students the two important CLAP CLAP BOOM motions: 1) CLAP: students make a single clap sound with their hands. (Should be self-explanatory, but sometimes middle schoolers need a bit more help!) 2) BOOM: Jump in the air and, as you land, put both hands in the air like an explosion.

THEN: Have students pair up and stand back-to-back. On the screen, the video will countdown from 3 and then instruct all players to clap twice and spin around to reveal to their partner whether they’ve chosen: CLAP or BOOM. Players who MATCH the screen (CLAP or BOOM) move on to the next round. Players who do the OPPOSITE move (CLAP or BOOM) are out. Continue the elimination until you have a winner.

NOTE: If both players match, they both move on to the next round. If both do the opposite, they are both OUT. (It’s not a competition against each other, but instead, a competition against the screen.) The partners add an interactive component as well as keeping players honest!

Alpha Video One 7:15 p.m. (pause for each question)

Question One

  • Have you ever had an encounter with a celebrity? 
  • If you could meet anyone—dead or alive, in all of history—who would you like to meet? 
  • Who is your hero?

Question Two

  • Why do you think Jesus is so famous? 
  • Why do you think a man from Israel who lived 2000 years ago is still talked about today? 
  • Growing up, who told you about Jesus? What sorts of things did you hear? 

Question Three

  • What parts of the life of Jesus stand out to you?  (LEADERS BE SURE TO SHARE THIS TOO!)

• Is there any specific story or message about Jesus that stands out to you? Why?

(Examples from the episode: He healed a man with leprosy; He healed a crippled man and forgave his sins; thousands gathered to hear Him teach; He was killed on a cross; and He appeared to His friend Thomas after He came back to life from the dead.) 

• What, if anything, about Jesus’ life do you find hard to believe? Why? 
• What do you think about when Jesus claims that He is God?

More Questions (choose a few) 
• What did you think about today’s episode? • What stood out to you? 
• Why do you think the life of one man has had such an impact on the world? (Whether you believe He was God or not.) 
• What do you think about Jesus ful lling hundreds ofprophecies written hundreds of years before He was born? (Prophecies about where He was born, how He was betrayed, how He died, etc.) 
• Can you imagine how Thomas must have felt when he saw Jesus standing in front of him after Jesus had come back from the dead? 
• What do you think about the Christian claim that Jesus came back to life after three days?