Alpha Session  Three
Cross: Why Did Jesus Die?


Environment: Music Playing, LED in Roncalli, Welcome on Screens

Students will go to sit in small group tables for dinner - play spoons as they arrive 

DINNER  - 6:30 p.m.

Sitting in small groups - time to catch up, make conversation

Alpha Video 7:00 p.m. (pause for each question)

Question One

  • What is one of your most physically painful experiences? 
  • Have you ever crashed a bicycle or fallen off a skateboard or a trampoline or something similar? 
  •  Do you have any cool scars? 

Question Two

  • How would you define sin? And do you see it in the world around you?
  • Do you think the problems of the world are getting worse or better? 
  • Jason and Ben said, “Sin is not just in the world around us but also in each one of us.” How do you feel about this idea? 
  • Who should decide what is right and what is wrong? 

Question Three

  • Do you think there is a difference between the death of Jesus and other religious leaders, martyrs or war heroes?
  •  Why or why not?
  • Does the death of Jesus have any personal meaning to you? 


  • How did you feel about today’s episode?• What stood out to you?
  •  Do you think it’s fair to say that everyone has sinned? 
  • When Jason and Ben showed the “good person test”, they said that God doesn’t compare us to one another to determine if we are good or not (“God doesn’t share our rating system.”). What do you think about that idea? 
  •  In this episode there were a few different pictures used to describe what Jesus did on the cross: a father welcoming his son home, a judge paying for his friend’s crime, and a priest killing a lamb as a sacrifice. Which of these pictures stood out to you the most? Why? 

FOLLOWING VIDEO: Confession and Worship Music