Win: For the high school students to see what we can do for them and desire to come back in two weeks to be placed in a small group


Parish Schedule:

3:30/4 - Air Extreme arrives(setup in field)

  • Setup trash cans outside and inside
  • Setup any lawn games
  • Prep Bonfire(HUGE)

Pre-mass: handout shirts to core team and clothespins
5:00 - Mass Begins(Mike P. taking care of this)
5:30 - Food Trucks open up(setup in parking lot) and Inflatables open up
6:00 - Mass Ends

  • Paul makes announcement
    • Thanks everyone for coming and excited for the evening
    • Point to where Food Trucks, Inflatables, and Extra Stout will be
    • Invite the Core Team members to stand
    • Point to where students will go to pick up a shirt
    • Remind HSM students about the bonfire: Charles playing music, some give-a-ways, and small group preference sheets
  • Pass out T-shirts to students outside north side (3 volunteers)
  • Extra Stout plays near south entrance

6:00-6:45 - Inflatable shift 1
6:45-7:30 - Inflatable shift 2
7:30 - Food Trucks & Extra Stout ends

  • Paul makes announcement for HSM students to gather around bonfire

8:00 – Inflatables end(after 7:30 simply grab some extra volunteers)

Bonfire Proclaim (7:30 - 8:15)

7:30PM - Charles plays music,
7:45PM - Paul

  1. Tonight is just the beginning. Imagine what the rest of the year will look like.
  2. Promises are hard to keep, but we are going to make some bold promises to you.
    • Paul’s promises
      • We promise that NONE of you will be left behind.
      • We will be there to walk WITH you in your time of need
      • We will make sure that this is worth your time
    • Introduce small group leaders
      • Make 1 promise each
    • Ask for a promise
      • Be open and give us a little time.
  3. Hand out cothespins
  4. Fill out small group preference sheet

8:05PM - Worship Song - ‘Set a fire’
8:10PM - Hail Mary/Ave