Win: For the teens to understand the importance of walking with other people in
their relationship with God


6:00PM - Proclaim begin at St. John 23 at the Bonfire
6:15PM - Leave for Scavenger Hunt
7:15-7:30 - Arrive back at church and have dinner
7:50 - End in worship, announcements, and prayer


  • Need small group leaders organizing parents into groups to drive. Keep family groups together.
  • Setup Waffle Bar during the Scavenger Hunt


  • If we want to grow in our faith, commitment isn’t enough. We must be connected
    • HSM is here to help, you family group is here to help
    • There is no greater bond than shared adversity
      • Michael Barry
  • We naturally drift to what is bad for us without other people helping
    • It is why Isolation is used as a punishment! It hurts us.
    • But even out of isolation we still struggle without other's help
      • Grace lies, she wants to eat sugar constantly, she wants to keep things away from Moses just because of fear
    • There is a reason why God is 3 persons in 1. To show us the importance of being in relationship
      • Being connected to others is going to make your faith grow
  • Is someone mentoring you? Are you walking with someone at your level? Are you mentoring someone else?
    • Only in doing these 3 things have we truly understood the circle of life. Receiving, being, and giving.


Scavenger Hunt: you will be given instructions on what to do. Parents who are driving will be given instructions beforehand

Key Steps: continue to bond with students. 


  • Arrive back and have waffles and chicken. 
  • Chas lead worship(no sound equip)
  • Announcements
    • Clarify Birthday and Events Calendar
    • Next Week is our first Series Night 6-8p
      • Take 2 slap bracelets and give one away and tell them about this
    • Interest for Student Leaders Overnight in November or Confirmation Retreat Leader
      • pass signups
  • Hail Mary/Ave Maria