Win: For the teens to understand that certain “kid” versions of God were never
meant to be true in the first place.


Pre-Gather 5:30p in Student Center

Key Steps:

  1. Core Team needs to touch base with each other and pray
  2. Coffee & Hot Chocolate at the bar
  3. Music in Roncalli and 102
  4. Pool Noodle Game(3 teams of people try to touch another with a pool noodle, if you are touched you pass noodle to next teammate. Once whole team has gone the team is out. Last team standing wins)


Dinner 6:00p-6:30p – Roncalli Hall)

  1. Dinner will be provided by Knights of Columbus
  2. Core Team - remember to sit with a couple of your students.


Gather 6:30p - 6:45p - Rm 102

Key Steps:

  1. Pool Noodle Game last couple of rounds
  2. Introduce yourself to someone you haven't talk to yet. To that person tell them what your favorite candy for halloween is?
    Turn to someone else: What was something you believed as a kid that was completely ridiculous? (ex: my wife believed that stop signs with a white border around them were only a suggestion)
  3. What does Your Refridgerator say about you video


Proclaim 6:45pm-7:05pm - Rm 102

Key Steps

  1. “Gods of the No Testament” (Paul Devine)
    1. If you ever feel like you are losing faith in God, you do not need to be ashamed. Remember, doubt is welcomed in this series. We just want to deal with it
    2. When talking to people that lose faith, I often wonder “where did you hear that about God?” because it was never true in the first place
      1. Santa Claus type faith that needs to grow up
    3. Here are some versions of God that we often believe in that were never true in the first place. If you have lost faith because of these, there is no need to. They were never true!
      1. “Bodyguard god” (and correct version)
      2. “On Demand god” (and correct version)
      3. “Boy/Girl Friend god” (and correct version)
      4. “Guilt god” (and correct version)
      5. “Anti-science god” (and correct version)

Dinner/Break (7:05pm-7:40pm – Roncalli Hall)

Key Steps:

  1. Family Group Time
    Check in for the week; what was a high, what was a low, where did you see God, what do you need prayers for?
    1. Where did your view of God originate? Do you feel like your version
      of God perhaps hasn’t grown up with you?
    2. Have you ever listened to someone’s de-conversion story? What
      are some common causes to this loss of faith?
    3. Which incorrect “version” of God do you often believe in? Why is it
      so hard to steer your beliefs away from this version?
      1. Have sheet to review with your group

Send (7:40pm-8:00pm – Room 102)

Key Steps:

  1. Worship with Chas Hill(ask him a q)
    1. Song 1
    2. Song 2
      1. Silent Moment to Speak to God
  2. Announcements
    1. Next Week - “Who Needs God” Part Three: Why would a good God allow pain
      and suffering in our world and in my life?
    2. Birthdays and Activities for the October
  3. Hail Mary / Ave Maria