Win: For the teens to submit questions that they have about faith and get honest
answers in a conversation-type format


Pre-Gather 5:30p in Student Center

Key Steps:

  1. Core Team needs to touch base with each other and pray
  2. Apple Cider at the Bar
  3. Music in Roncalli and 102
  4. Get pumpkins and carving places setup


Dinner 6:00p-6:30p – Roncalli Hall)

  1. Dinner is provide by?


Gather 6:30pm-6:50pm – Student Center)

Key Steps:

  1. Guys Vs. Girls Pyramid in 30 Seconds
    1. Pick ten boys and ten girls out of the crowd; the rest to surround their gender
    2. Time to organize
    3. Thirty seconds to assemble
    4. End of thirty seconds: who is best?
  2. Turn to someone and tell them if you prefer pumpkin pie or apple pie
    Turn to someone else and tell what is the most uncomfortable thing to believe in for you?
  3. Pumpkin Rubberband
    1. We will need major cleanup in room 102
    2. ponchos for people?


Proclaim 6:50pm-7:20pm – Student Center)

Key Steps:

  1. As we answer many of these questions tonight, you need to ask yourself NOT “do I like this” but a scarier question: “is this true.”
    1. “We love the truth when it enlightens us. We hate the truth when it convicts us.” – St. Augustine
  2. Do you ever argue about something not to find out what is true, but just to get your way? Ever realize that you were wrong half way through an argument but still argue for your point? How often do we want to just win an argument!
  3. Something can be true and uncomfortable at the same time. When we acknowledge the issue is our resistance and not God’s existence, we step into an epic and messy story and a relationship with God. It is the best!
  4. Have guest come to answer questions (?).
    The list below is for backup questions
    1. Question #1: Talk to me about the church’s teaching on Mary and the saints. Do saints still have doubts? How do I explain Mary to non-Catholics?
    2. Question #2: How are we sure we get to go to Heaven? What is purgatory? Why would God send people to hell? Why don’t we go straight to Heaven instead of having to live through Earth?
    3. Question #3: Do I have to believe everything in the Bible? Why did God show so much anger to people in the Old Testament?
    4. Question #4: When I pray, I never feel God’s presence. God never seems to answer my prayers. How can I know He is there?
    5. Question #5: I always hear that God has a plan for my life. If he has a plan, does that take away free choice? Did he plan for Pontius Pilate to turn his back on God and crucify Jesus?
    6. Question #6: Let’s talk about relationships. You always tell the girls to save themselves for marriage. What do you tell the boys? Why is lust so hard? What is considered a hook-up?
    7. Question #7: If someone were gay, would they still be accepted by the Catholic Church? Does God still love them?
    8. Question #8: Lets revisit the “why does God let bad things happen” question. What about natural disasters or events not caused by human mistakes? Why would he let us go through the pain? I thought guardian angels were meant to protect us from that?
    9. Question #9: I have been in a really bad place before. How do I make sure I never get to that place again? Someone I know has contemplated hurting him or herself. How do I help them? How do you know God forgives everything you do wrong?
    10. Question #10: What happens if you pick the wrong religion? What will happen to virtuous members of other religions on judgment day?
  5. YouCat Books?


Break (7:20pm-7:45pm – Pumpkin Carving

Key Steps:

  1. Pumpkin carving stations
  2. Core Members available to individually answer questions


Send (8:55pm-9:00pm – Reilly Field)

Key Steps:

  1. Worship with Chas Hill(ask him a q)
    1. Song 1
    2. Song 2
      1. Silent Moment to Speak to God
  2. Announcements
    1. Next few weeks are different
      1. Next Week: BIG Night is about death and ghosts and such
      2. Oct. 29: Cornmazepalooza(gift cards throughout the night)
        1. bring a phone because you will be texting
      3. Nov 5: Guy/Girl Night you will find out places as we get closer
      4. Nov 12: XLT at St. Pat's head. Pizza and amazing night
      5. Nov 19: No HSM because of the confirmation retreat or Family Group night out
      6. Nov 26: We will finaly be back in this room
  3. Hail Mary / Ave Maria