Win: For the teens to get answers to many of the questions they still have from the first
two nights of the series and to end with a call to action


Pre-Gather 5:30p in Student Center

Key Steps:

  1. Core Team needs to touch base with each other and pray
  2. Coffee & Hot Chocolate at the bar
  3. Music in Roncalli and 102
  4. Play with Drunk Goggles(Kan Jam/Cornhole)


Dinner 6:00p-6:30p – Roncalli Hall)

  1. Dinner is provide by?


Gather 6:30p - 6:45p - Rm 102

Key Steps:

  1. Dessert at the Bar(icecream? Pie? something awesome?
  2. Introduce yourself to someone you haven't talk to yet. If you could make pumpkin anything, what would it be?
    Turn to someone else: If you could save 1 person from getting hurt for the rest of their life, who would you choose?
  3. Drunk Goggle Race(complete menial tasks)


Proclaim 6:45pm-7:05pm - Rm 102

Key Steps

  1. “Three Big Question (Paul Devine)
    This week, we are going to focus on three big questions we have about this series. Next week, you get to ask anything you want!
    1. Question #1: You told me a lot about who God wasn’t last week. How do I find out about who God is?
      1. The best place to find out who God is: look at the life, words, teachings of Jesus
      2. What Jesus said about God can be trusted because anyone who predicts their own death and resurrection can be trusted
      3. John 14:7-9. Challenge: read the book of John
      4. Briefly mention the concept of agnostic
    2. Question #2: I am really struggling with “bodyguard God” not being true. Why would a good God let bad things happen in the world and to me? Why wouldn’t God protect me?
      1. The fact that bad things happen doesn’t call into question if God exists, it calls into question if He’s a good guy (father analogy)
      2. What if the bad things that happen are just the absence of God? Just like dark is the absence of light or shade is the absence of the sun – perhaps injustice is just the absence of God.
        1. Reference Albert Einstein quote
      3. Ok, so God can still be real if bad things happen. Maybe bad things are the absence of God. But he still lets them happen. Why?
        1. Perhaps… God still allows injustice because in order to rid of the world of all injustice, he would have to get rid of all of us!
        2. Perhaps… God still allows injustice because we are meant for the future of Heaven. In the future, there will be justice for all
          1. “If I find myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probably explanation is that I was made for another world.” –C.S. Lewis
        3. Perhaps… good can come out of evil…have you ever met someone that gets closer to God in the midst of pain? They would tell you that there was a reason.
    3. Question #3: This series has nothing to do with my life. I believe in God and do not struggle with atheists. What do I do?
      1. I have an uncomfortable question for you. Are there areas of your life that you would prefer God to not be part of? Are there areas of your life that you want to do on your own? In a sense, aren’t you being atheist in those areas? What if God is calling you to let him in there?

Break (7:05pm-7:40pm – Roncalli Hall)

Key Steps:

  1. Family Group Time
    Check in for the week; what was a high, what was a low, where did you see God, what do you need prayers for?
    1. When have you seen God allow injustice in your world? What did it do to
      your faith? How did it influence the way you view God?
    2. Have you ever seen someone who was suffering extraordinarily but
      demonstrated extraordinary confidence in God? If so, how did it change
      the way you think about suffering and faith?
    3. Read Luke 18:7–8. Is it difficult for you to believe God will one day bring
      about justice in the world? Why or why not?
    4. Submit a question to be answered next week at Life Night
      1. Make sure to make time for this!

Send (7:40pm-8:00pm – Room 102)

Key Steps:

  1. Worship with Chas Hill(ask him a q)
    1. Song 1
    2. Song 2
      1. Silent Moment to Speak to God
  2. Announcements
    1. Next Week - “Who Needs God” Part 4: Answer some questions, have some pumpkin carving time, eat some food.
    2. We start 7 - 9 next week.
  3. Hail Mary / Ave Maria