Win: For students to want to settle their past and to choose to follow God

Pre-Gather 5:30p in Student Center and Roncalli

  1. Core Team needs to touch base with each other and pray
  2. 2 people greeting at door
  3. Games setup at food tables


Dinner 6:00pm-6:30pm in Atrium/Roncalli

  1. Dinner provided by parents and Terri Z.


Gather 6:30 - 6:45pm in 102

  1. Game: Fear Factor
  2. What is something you regret doing? What is something that happened in the past that you cannot forget?


Proclaim 6:45pm-7:10pm - 102

  1. Recap
  2. Proclaim: Paul
  3. Questions for Same Byrne


    Break 7:10pm-7:40pm – Everywhere

    Bottom Line: Don’t let the fear caused from a past experience keep you from experiencing God in the future.

    1. Is there something in your past that you cannot forget. Time of humiliation or mistake
    2. What kinds of walls do you tend to build in order to manage your fear—anger, humor, sarcasm, a critical spirit, withdrawal, control, substance abuse?  What are some ways that wall is limiting your future?
    3. Read Philemon 8–18. Talk about a time when someone advocated on your behalf. How did it affect your relationship with that person?
    4. What can you do this week to begin to address and settle the past and trust God with your future? How can this group support you?


    Send 7:40pm-8:00pm – Roncalli

    1. Announcements
      1. Michindoh Retreat
      2. BIG Night next week
    2. Pray with your group before leaving