Win: For the teens to understand that they have limited time and God is inviting them to make the best use of their time now.



  • Lights in 102
  • 2 Ninja's/blenders set up at bar, cooler of ice, flavor
  • Water in Keurig Machine and warmed
  • Music in Atrium(pandora on main board) and in 102(Paul's comp)
  • Kan Jam/Cornhole setup in Roncalli

Gather(5:45-6:15) in 102/Atrium

  • Jeff M. is taking pictures as students come in
  • Tara - Slush and Keurig Duty at bar
  • Amy - at nametag table and make sure that each student fills out a small group form. Add names to groups
  • 2 students in charge of opening door
  • Kan Jam open for playing
  • Eat dinner as they come in
  • Rest of the adults grab the students who do not have people to talk to and eat/play with them

Dinner(6:00-6:30) in Atrium

  • As they come in, feel free to grab food and play in Roncalli
  • Adults grab students who don't know anyone

Proclaim(6:30-6:50) in Room 102

  • Gather in room 102, Welcome and Introductions
    • Turn to another person and . . .
    • Anyone new/birthdays? . . .
  • Extreme Thumb Wrestling
  • Time: (Paul Devine)
    1. Our time is the most valuable thing we will ever have
    2. God created us on purpose for His purpose
      1.  Psalm 90
    3. The best way you can spend your time is by making God a priority this year
      1. HSM is here to help, Your small group is here to help
      2. Your small group is going to be the people you journey with. Start NOW getting to know each other
    4. Exit Talk:“99 Balloons” Video


Break(6:50-7:45) All over J23

  • Announce Family Groups(Fox Theme Song)
  • Team Bonding Activities
    • If Game: everyone write questions down and ask the group. 
    • Spoons
    • Pass the Body
      • Everyone lay on ground alternating with heads touching. 
      • Raise hands in air and create a long table that they will pass a student down
    • Family Standards

    Send(7:45-8:00p) in Room 102

    • Praise and Worship (Chas)
    • Announcements
      • Next Week: What are you waiting for? Part 2 - Adventure. Be prepared to leave J23. Needs forms in. 
      • Groupme App: download it if you want. 
      • Fill out activity cards and pin on calendar
      • It takes TIME
    • Hail Mary / Ave Maria