2017 23Missions

Deadline to register is February 1st.

Summer 2017 Trip

When: June 25 - July 1
Where: McAllen, TX
Initial Cost: $650

This summer, we will be headed to McAllen, Texas for the first time. For the past two years, large numbers of immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have entered the country and been picked up by the U.S. Border Patrol. After being processed, they are dropped off at the McAllen Bus Terminal where they wait there before leaving to their destination. The bus terminal is located two blocks from Sacred Heart Church. Many, mostly women and children, have been traveling for days or weeks and then held in detention by Border Patrol. For these immigrants, their journey has been difficult and dangerous. They come to Sacred Heart for assistance, looking for clothes, food, and support. 

Payment Schedule*:
$125 Deposit at time of Registration
$250: April 1
$275: June 1

*a space will not be reserved until the deposit has been received
**a $3 fee is added to online charges

23Mission Meetings @ the Devine's house:

Sunday, April 2: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 4: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. 


(Will be Updated Soon)

When do we leave and get back?
Tentative Flight Schedule:

On Sunday, June 25: 
Depart from Detroit: 8:00a, arrive in Dallas: 9:46a, 
Flight: AA2215L
Depart from Dallas: 12:30p, arrive in McAllen: 2:09p
Flight: AA5858L

On Saturday, July 1:
Depart from McAllen: 4:00p, arrive in Dallas: 5:35p
Flight: AA1335L
Depart from Dallas: 6:40p, arrive in Detroit: 10:28p
Flight: AA 942L

What fundraisers are available?

Our main fundraiser is our 23Mission Big Board. This is the ONLY effective one that will help us get to McAllen, Texas. The other fundraisers that we do throughout the year will be minimal help and we will be directing most of those to retreats and JHM Camp. 

  • Everyone will be expected to find 5 people to take a number and donate that amount. We will have sample letters you can write/email. Phone call scripts. Etc.
  •  These are NOT parents. Ideas: grandparents, siblings, godparents, teachers.
  • This may seem uncomfortable to you, but a real part of going on mission, is finding MISSION PARTNERS.
  • If you receive more than 5 donations, anything after the 5th, will be directly taken away from your trip cost.
  • When you receive a donation or pledge, you need to send me their contact information and keep a list for yourself. They are now you Mission Partners. You will be praying for these people on the trip and writing a letter to each of them(1 each day on the trip). THIS is a HUGE importance to being a mission partner. You not simply asking them for money, you are asking them to join you on the journey. That requires that you bring them back your experience.
  • IF you do not get 5 people to donate, the cost of the trip will go up $75 per donation not received
  • If you assist with any of our other fundraisers, you will receive $20 towards your trip cost. 
    • Other Fundraisers: January Parish Trivia, Superbowl Subs, Spring Uncork, Mothers Day Bake Sale, June Parish Trivia
    • Note that if you work all five, you will receive $100 off the trip cost. 

When are our meetings?

These are meetings in which we will get to know each other, build community, and learn about where we are going. These will be at the Devine’s house.
a.    Sunday, April 2, 6-8p
b.    Sunday, June 4, 6-8p

Where are we staying?

We will be staying at a local Basilica that has been converted into hotel rooms. Many of the volunteers of Sacred Heart Immigration Center stay here. There will be bedding, showers, etc. 

What about meals?

Meals are included in the price of the trip. That includes traveling meals

What work will we be doing?

We will be assisting at the Immigration center. There are a lot of refugees coming through in any given day and all of them need personal support.

For any other questions, please contact Paul Devine, Youth Minister at pdevine@stjohn23.org

Our mission is to help teens in the St. John XXIII community develop an authentic relationship with Christ and the Church. These teens will grow to be disciples of both and to love and serve others, building more disciples.

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