Last Week Recap Wired Week 1

You can see God everywhere you look.


This Week: Wired 2


Win: Students will love themselves more by realizing how much God loves them.



6:30 Noodle Game (outside)
6:45 Gather:
  - Drake/Will Video
  - Extreme Thumb Wrestling
7:00 Proclaim(video)
7:15 Snack
7:20 Family Group Time
Family Group Activity: Human knot(everyone stretch across the circle and grab a hand. Then with other hand grab someone else's hand. Now try to untie yourselves without breaking hands)
7:50 Silent Devo/Worship
  - Wired Wall(how does God see you?)
8:00 End



Genesis 1:27, 31
Matthew 22:37-39
1 John 3:1

  • Do you feel like people are looking at you, sizing you up, and trying to figure out whether you’re worth their time, attention, and energy? Do you ever feel like, out of billions of people, am I really worth God’s time and attention
  • Caring what others think is natural, but it become a problem when we try to guess what other people think about us and that determines what we think about ourselves.
  • It’s difficult for us to understand how much we matter unless we go back to the beginning when God set all of this in motion.
  • God said it was good. He saw Himself in what He had made.
  • Loving God seems like something God would ask us to do. But you probably don’t expect Him to say it’s as big of a deal as loving yourself. (Matthew 22:37-39 NIV).
  • Loving ourselves has nothing to do with elevating ourselves over other people. Loving ourselves means that we believe we matter.
  • God could call us lots of things. But He chooses to call us His children. It means you matter.
  • You can do this, but that means you need to constantly remind yourself what God says about you.
  • But it’s not enough to just read it. You must make a decision to accept it.
  • Do you ever see God as a Father who LAVISHES you with His love?
  • He does. And those ridiculous, over-the-top, rich quantities never change. He always loves you as you already are.


Small Group: God always loves you as you already are.

Key Step: Check in for the week; what was a high, what was a low, where did you see God, what do you need prayers for?

Remember for each question, have them write something down. Allow them to process it and have something to share. 

  1. What do you think other people think about you? What do you think about yourself?
  2. Find a phrase you can say to remind yourself of the way God sees you. Write that phrase down
  3. What would you do differently if you saw yourself the way God sees you?