Win: For students to have a better understanding and NOTICE a rhythm of life as well as a rhythm to the Church


Pre-Gather 6:00 - 6:25pm in Student Center and Hallway

Key Steps:

  1. Setup NameTags
  2. Get bibles boxes to small group spaces
  3. Pray with team(we always miss this!)
  4. Split up snacks and drinks in small group spaces
  5. Music in Student Center


Gather 6:25-50(Student Center)

Key Steps

  1. 2 people at doors
    1. split students into 4 seasons
  2. Know it or Blow it in Student Center(Paul)
    1. Each question has multiple questions
    2. 1 person on the team decides who answers the question, each person can only say one answer. When one person gets a wrong answer the question moves to the next group and they can steal
  3. Video: Nerf Video
  4. Get to know you large group
    1. If you had an invisible pet, what would it be?
    2. If you could pick ANY other day than Dec 25 for Christmas, what would it be?


Proclaim 6:50-7:05(Student Center)

  1. Rhythym
    1. Spell it
    2. Everything functions on this. Examples?
  2. Awesome way to experience life!
    1. Ups AND Downs
  3. Physically and spiritually has affects on us
    1. Helps us to remember things easier(grouping)
    2. Sleep cycles, Metabolism, attention
    3. Allows us to enter into God in different ways
  4. Liturgical Season(Handout)
    1. Briefly go through them


Break 7:05-7:30pm(spread out)

Key Steps: 

  1. Make sure everyone has the chance to open up the bible and have them journal these questions before sharing
    1. Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-15
      1. In your own words, what is this scripture teaching us?
      2.  What is your favorite season? Liturgical season?
      3. Why is it important that we do the same thing year after year?
      4. How can you try to enjoy other seasons besides Christmas and Easter
      5. How can we grow more each year? Give me 3 steps for the next 3 years that you can grow.


Send 7:30-8:00pm(Student Center)

Liturgical Trivia(Paul)