Win: an understanding of how these two sacraments build up the Church. Teenagers are challenged to pray for those that have received the Sacraments of Matrimony and Holy Orders


Pre-Gather 6:00 - 6:15pm in Atrium and Hallway

Key Steps:

  1. Pray with team
  2. Music in 102

Gather 6:15-6:30(Atrium)

Key Steps

  1. Greet at Door:
  2. Music and Chat
  3. Noodle game in Atrium


Proclaim 6:30-7:15(Student Center)

Key Steps

  1. Vickers Witness
  2. Paul Recap:
    1. Sacrament, Sin, Reconciliation, Penance, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Anointing
    2. Why do we have Sacraments of  Vocations? 
    3. Vocations Particulars
      1. Free, Faithful, Total, Fruitful


Break 7:15-7:30pm(Roncalli)

Key Steps:

  1. Save Me Game: Dodgeball with toiletpaper rolls plus protecting the King/Queen 


    Send 7:30-8:00pm(Roncalli)

    Key Steps

    1. Small Group
      1. Anointing
        1. What do you need healing in your life for? How do you want God to make you whole? 
      2. Vocations
        1. Why is the Sacrament of Matrimony important to our Church? How does our sacramental understanding of marriage differ from “commercial” understanding of marriage? 
        2. How can people effectively prepare themselves for the Sacrament of Marriage? How can dating help or hinder this preparation? 
        3. What qualities make a good marriage? Why is it important that marriage is centered on Christ? 
    2. Pray over small group ESPECIALLY if you did not get to this last week. 
      1. Play music behind
      2. Circle up as small groups. One at a time a student comes in the center and the group can pray for strength and peace and vocation