This Week: Wired 1 


Win: Students will pay attention to the evidence of God all around them.


6:30 Ultimate Keep Away(outside)
  - photoshoot throughout
6:50 String Activity
7:00 Proclaim(video)
7:10 Family Group Activity: Helium Stick
7:20 Snack
7:25 Family Group (this night spend a lot of time on getting to know each other)
  - Sharpie inside journal cover
7:50 Wired walls
  - Students write on walls: ways they have seen God
8:00 End


Genesis 1:1
Genesis 1:27
Deuteronomy 6:4-5

  • How are you supposed to know Someone you can’t see or have a relationship with Someone who doesn’t talk back?
  • There’s something in us that wants to know that the world isn’t random—that somehow it’s wired, and we’re wired, to work in a certain way. That Someone or Something has our back.
  • It all begins with Creation. God is making a point of letting us know that it wasn’t by accident. (Genesis 1:1).
  • Not only did God wire the universe to function in certain ways, He also wired humanity.(Genesis 1:27).
  • There is something about nature, especially the parts of it that only God could create, that moves us. That’s the image of God in us, recognizing His work in everything else.
  • And it isn’t just nature.  Movies and stories that make us feel the most, that stick with us the longest, are also the ones that display characteristics of God in the clearest way.
  • When we begin to see the evidence of His wiring, He becomes a little less invisible to us. 
  • The most important thing we were wired to do is love God (Deuteronomy 6:4-5 NIV).
  • It’s really hard for people to love each other if they never stop to notice each other.
  • Notice Him. This week, pay attention to the places where His wiring is obvious in the world.


Small Group: You can see God everywhere you look 


Key Step: Check in for the week; what was a high, what was a low, where did you see God, what do you need prayers for?

  1. What are some events that make you feel disconnected from God?
  2. Talk about a time when you saw the image of God in the actions of someone else.
  3. Name at least two places where you can go to notice God more regularly.