Grades 6-7

23Student Ministries

Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 p.m.  

In our Middle School ministry, we seek to increase that strong Christ-centered relationship in our students through the introduction of small community groups and deeper worship experiences. Our hope is to partner with parents in helping students go deeper with each other, their leaders and, most importantly, God.

We have different types of nights.

Series Nights: We break open a topic and explore it in the eyes of a Catholic Youth. We dive further into the Sacraments, Worship, Scripture, and Catechesis. When looking at our Calendar, you will see the title. On our app you can see everything that our small group leaders see including talking points and discussion questions.

Small Group Dinner: In November we are breaking with the normal setting and giving our small group leaders a chance to really build relationships with your teens. This is simply a dinner together somewhere else besides church. Before each of these nights you and your teen will know where to go to meet their small group.

BIG Nights: these nights are open for students and their families. They are community events in which the entire family is opening up and experiencing the same topic. These nights are full of outrageous activities, comedy, and spirituality. We call it BIG for a reason. They are on specific Sunday nights, 6-8p and for parents as well. 

Attending our Middle School Ministry is a vital part of preparation for Confirmation, which takes place in Grade 8. 

If you are interested in Volunteering, take a look at our 23Core

Please see the current bulletin for any updates or changes. For questions, contact Paul Devine at


*All times are Thursday 6:30 - 8:00pm at St. John 23, unless otherwise noted.

8: Orientation(Tuesday)-Parents
This takes place alongside orientation for Confirmation and HSM. It is a chance for us to share some new developments for the year, the yearly calendars, induct new parents into the process, and for you to ask questions. 

7: Wired 1

21: Wired 2

23-24: Boot Camp: $45. The BEST chance we have to get your student more involved. 

5: Bible 1

19: Bible 2

22: BIG Night(Sunday)

9: SG Dinner

16: Liturgical Seasons

30: JHM ThanksNerfing

3: BIG Night(Sunday)

7: Service Night


4: Sacraments: Death

18: Sacraments: Relationships

1: Culture Project

15: Sacraments: Life/Hunger

23-24: 30Hour Famine: $25

1: Small Group Dinner

4: BIG Night(Sunday)

15: Eucharist

5: JHM 6:30 - 8p

19: JHM 6:30 - 8p

3: JHMathon: 6:30 - 8p

Questions about Junior High Ministry?

Contact Paul Devine at
or 419-874-6502 

Our mission is to help teens in the St. John XXIII community develop an authentic relationship with Christ and the Church. These teens will grow to be disciples of both and to love and serve others, building more disciples.

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