We Are Growing.

Due to the rapid growth of our parish, we have quickly outgrown our current spaces.  Our Parish Life Center, opened in November, 2008, has become too small to accommodate our burgeoning faith community and the many ministries we provide.  Built as a multi-purpose facility, it naturally serves many roles, including the celebration of the Liturgy.

As we begin construction of our church family’s new house, our desire is to Illuminate – bring light to our parish and to the entire community. Illuminate is both our capital campaign’s theme and the message of hope that this construction project brings to everyone.

The front tower of our new church will have extensive clear glass windows. These will let us shine forth to the world with the Gospel message of hope and certainty of God’s love. Like a lighthouse, the power of our light will help others traveling on the rough waters of life.


New Church Building Renderings

Completion Date: October 2018

Illuminate Capital Campaign