High School

23Student Ministries

At St. John 23, to help us with dinners, we have students bring in assigned dishes to each week. You student will be assigned 1-2 nights a semester. Each meal is broken into main dish, side dish, and dessert. We will send out a list at the beginning of each semester with assignments. If there is a conflict, please let us know so we can get a sub. 

September - May: Sundays 6:00 - 8:00*

*(unless otherwise noted)

In our High School Ministry, we seek to keep building maturity in our students and help them grow in deeper relationships with each other, their leaders and, most importantly, the Lord.

We have a family worship night called BIG Night on 3 nights throughout the year that allows us to gather different generations into one worship experience. From there we take the other Sundays and focus on just the High School students as we break open more topics with our small groups, dive into service opportunities, prayer, and relationships. Some of our major events are our Michindoh Retreat in March, 23Missions in June/July, and Last Blast Retreat in Aug/Sept.

2017-18 Calendar

3: Kickoff: Draft Day
10: Launch Party: Alpha 1 - Life is this it?
17: Alpha 2 - Who is Jesus?* (7-9p)
24: Alpha 3 - Why did Jesus die?

1: Alpha 4 - How can I have faith?
8: Alpha 5 - Why and how do I pray?
15:  Corn Maze Palooza
22: BIG Night - DEATH
29:  Alpha 6 - Why and how do I read the bible?

5:  Alpha 7 - How does God guide us into full life?
11-12: Small Group Overnight
  Alpha 8 - Who is the Spirit and what does He do? 
  Alpha 9 - How can I be filled with the Spirit?"
12: No HSM
19: Alpha 10 - How can I resist Evil?* (7-9p)
26: Alpha 11 - Does God heal today?

3: BIG Night - 'Not So' Late Show
10: Alpha 12 - What about church and telling others?
17: Christmas XLT* (7-9p)
24: NO HSM
27: Game Day @ the Devine's

7: Nerf Wars/Giant Killer 1
14: Giant Killer 2
21: Giant Killer 3* (7-9p)
26-27: Winter Lock-In
28: Giant Killer 4

4: Superbowl Party
11: Laser Tag Night
18: Student Trivia Night
23-24: 30Hour Famine (volunteers wanted)
25: NO HSM

4: BIG Night - Hipster
9-11: Spring Retreat
11: NO HSM
18: Senior Planned Night* (7-9p)
25: Guys & Girls

1: Easter/ NO HSM
8: Made: One
15: Made: Holy*(7-9p)
22: Made: Catholic
29: Made: Apostolic

6: The Great Pineapple Hunt
13: Mother's Day/ NO HSM
20: Graduation Night TBD
30: Senior Sendoff

Our mission is to help teens in the St. John XXIII community develop an authentic relationship with Christ and the Church. These teens will grow to be disciples of both and to love and serve others, building more disciples.

24250 Dixie Highway
Perrysburg, OH 43551

OFFICE: (419)874-6502
FAX: 419.874.6537