Parish Staff

Meet the Team. 

Rev. Herb Weber


Cell Phone: 419-260-4849

Favorite single activity as priest? Preaching. I love the challenge of learning what the Scripture passage is saying to us today and then finding a way to share that with others
Favorite use of down time? Hiking, as if that would surprise anyone who knows me. I just love being in nature as well as the exercise of a good hike.
Favorite tv, movie characters? MacGyver, Indiana Jones, Jean-Luc Picard   
Greatest joy in being pastor? I truly love to help set the tone of the parish and enable others to share the vision of what a dynamic parish can be.

Fr. Geoff Rose, OSFS

Weekend Associate

What do you really do? While I am so blessed to be a part of the community at St. John XXIII (or “the Two -Three” as I like to call it) my “day job” is as the president of St. Francis de Sales School, in Toledo. Foreign missions are a real passion for me, and I work with ministries in the Philippines and Jamaica, as well.

Religious Order?  I professed vows in 1998 with the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, and was ordained a priest for my community in 2002. St. Francis said that we are called to a devout life and his book “Introduction to the Devout Life” written in 1609 has never been out of print! Check it out.

Highs and Lows - I love to travel and my studies have taken me to the lowest point of the earth, the Dead Sea in Israel (1371 feet Below Sea level) and one of the highest elevation cities, El Alto, Bolivia (13,615 feet Above Sea level) 

Hobbies I love music (play guitar and sing), photography (and photo editing) and long boarding. Oh, and cat videos, but who doesn’t like cat videos?!?

Thom Headley


How did I end up here? I grew up near the shores of Lake Erie in northeast Ohio, a fairly typical childhood, complete with baseball and Boy Scouts, paper routes and farm work, and with a firm foundation of family and faith.

The performing arts were my passion. During one particular high school choral performance, I had a “mountain top” experience, a deep and profound sense of the spirit. I felt moved to make such experiences possible for others, and was fortunate to do so for thirty five years as a music educator/band director.

In this and so many other ways, God prepared me for ministry. A six year journey of formation led to ordination to the Permanent Diaconate in September of 2013. Such a blessing! to be among the faith community at St. John XXIII.

Greatest joys ..

  • as Husband? sharing the journey with a faith filled woman who has a great sense of humor

    ( and always tells me the truth!)

  • as Dad? observing our sons navigate life with strong women at their sides, each maturing into their roles as wonderful parents for a new generation

  • as Papa? (grandfather) Emarie Jane (b. 2007), Ethan Matthew (b. 2009), Rowan Cale (b. 2012), Hazel Lynn (b. 2014), Foster Ellis (b. 2016) everyone lives in Wood County

  • as Deacon? seeing the love for Jesus alive in the hearts and lives of our faith community

  • in active Ministry? Shared Pathways, RCIA, Men’s Retreat, Grant Evaluator for Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and Project Connect Wood County (an ecumenical, intra agency effort to prevent homelessness)

  • in private time? exploring, all things musical, and movies

Sr. Anne Mary Molyet

Pastoral Associate for Evangelization, Enrichment & Engagement

What do you do at St. John XXIII? Besides making coffee, I work the crowd after the Sunday Masses--meeting and greeting familiar faces and welcoming those who are new to the parish.  Engaging parishioners in the life of the parish is key to the ministry.  Adults are engaged in the parish through participation in small faith groups, bible study, book clubs, spiritual direction, pastoral outreach and, yes, even annulments.  In general, I companion adults on their journey and do what I can to meet their needs.
Religious Order? In June, 2016, I will celebrate 35 years of profession in the congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo Province.  I started out as a junior high teacher, then high school counselor for five years.  I also served on the leadership team for the Toledo Province for 12 years prior to coming to St. John XXIII in 2011.
Most daring adventure? Traveling in a van with 12 college friends in the 1978 snowstorm.  We were heading for Mt Tremblant Ski Resort in Quebec to go snow skiing for a week.  It was there that my call to religious life was confirmed---in the stillness and silence on top of a mountain God spoke to me.  No, I did not tell my ski buddies.  They never would have believed me!

Favorite thing to do? Just about anything outdoors!  My favorite thing, though, is to mow the lawn and tend to flower gardens.  I also like to walk in parks and ride bike.

Marla Overholt

Pastoral Associate for Life-Long Faith Formation

Vision for faith formation at St. John XXIII?  We have always had faith formation for all ages, from the very beginning of the parish. Singles, families, empty nesters, children, grandmas and grandpas can all find a way to learn and grow in their faith and are encouraged to do so in many ways.

What kind of car do you drive and why? I drive a silver 2012 Prius! I believe in keeping my carbon footprint low so I drive like an old lady and keep my car in the eco zone.  I keep trying to beat my 65 mpg….my mpg record to date.

Why are you named Marla? I am my dad’s boy. I was named after my Dad La Mar, same letters just turned around.  I have always liked my name because it is unique and because it reminds me of my dad.  By the way I have recently acquired a new name “mema” christened by my grandchildren Jadyn and Colton.

What would be your dream vacation? I would like to take a river cruise down a river in Europe. Being a big fan of Downton Abby, I am intrigued by those Viking River Cruise Line commercials. Seems like a very relaxing way to see the sites. I will be sure to update all of you when I make the trip. 

Michael Puppos

Pastoral Associate for Music & Liturgy

Best Part of Your Job? Sunday mornings - leading music is something I look forward to each week.  Visiting with friends, meeting new people, celebrating the Eucharist - it's an incredible experience. 

Favorite part of being a dad? Holding hands and playing at the park. 

Favorite Restaurant? Chipotle.  Is it really even a contest? 

Summer or Winter? Winter. Summer is just too warm for me. That's why I live in Ohio. 


Paul Devine

Pastoral Associate for Youth Ministries

Who has the most impact in your spiritual life?  Mainly my wife. She pushes me every day to be a better man. I desire to serve more because of her.

Favorite Saint? St. Benedict. Poison couldn't even kill him. His Rule of Life was also really helpful to me in a time when I needed structure

Favorite road-trip snack? Duke's Beef Brisket, Flaming Hot Cheeto's, and Mountain Dew

Any advice? Having a good day is a choice. And the best thing is that you have all day to make that choice. In the last 5 years, I have had 2 bad days . . . both because I chose it. One of them I can't even remember what happened. So it might not have been that bad. I'll be praying for your day today.


Tina Carella

Office Manager

Best part of your job?  I get to meet new people almost daily.  My work gets put on hold, but then again I guess I truly am working.  Stop by the office and let’s talk,
Fun Fact? I lived in Hawaii and on Sunday’s Don Ho would come over for dinner.   
Hobby? I love to plan theme parties.  Even a game of bunco at my house has a theme.
What do you do? I’m behind the scene person.  I take care of running the daily office duties from finance to listening to someone who needs a helping hand.

Waleska Ramirez

Bulletin and Fund Drive Secretary

Patti Ketcham


Terry Russell


24250 Dixie Highway
Perrysburg, OH 43551

OFFICE: (419)874-6502
FAX: 419.874.6537