Father Herb Weber:

While researching something else, I came upon an event that took place in 1982, a discovery that felt like a kick to the stomach. In that year, the great Guaira Waterfalls of Paraguay, one of the largest and most scenic falls in the world, was destroyed. By damming up the river, the valley in which the falls were located, was inundated. Furthermore, once the new lake was created, underwater dynamiting was used to destroy the face of the former falls in order to allow deep-water shipping.

I’m sure there were reasons given for the creation of this dam. Every happening like this has people who support what is being done. For me, however, it was a sad moment. I checked with a South American parishioner to see of the story was true and was told it was. Knowing what was to take place, people came in great numbers to see the falls and its famous seven sets of cataracts before this natural wonder of the world would exist no more.

Sadness. That’s what pervaded my being. Since learning of this a few months ago, I have continued to think about what happened in the early 1980’s. Gradually, my thoughts have expanded to include other potential losses on this earth. That includes not only scenic places to visit but essential qualities of our planet that help support life itself. 

Only God’s mind can fathom how humans have taken it upon themselves to master, control and sometimes destroy the world we have. Deep reverence and care for creation needs to take place at the micro level with each plant or animal, just as it is also necessary at the macro level of maintaining clean water and life-supporting atmosphere.

God help us and keep us from destroying more of this wonderful world!

“God saw how good it was.”


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