Every so often I will search out an old movie to watch. Some are in color, others are in black and white. I try to choose movies that have received awards and are still praised for cinematography, acting or directing. Often the story itself is fascinating.

It is not that I disdain new movies. Instead, I appreciate art through the years. Furthermore, I have discovered that film, along with books or plays of another time, help me appreciate what the country was like at that time.

It’s like a window into a world that I never knew or a time that I had forgotten. Not everything in the past was better, but some things were. 

It’s a big world that I want to explore, not just geographically but also historically. We humans are on an on-going march through time. Each era builds off the previous in some way.

Times change but there is also the timeless. Something well done can always be appreciated.

‘For whatever was written previously was written for our instruction, that by endurance and by the encouragement of the scriptures we might have hope.’

Romans 15:4


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