Birders Welcome!

 Perhaps you have seen the signs around the area, usually at Metro-Parks, that simply read, “Birders Welcome.” Of course, these signs show an awareness of the many visitors to the area who are drawn by the spring migration of warblers and other birds.

            I first visited Magee Marsh, then part of Crane Creek, more than twenty years ago in order to see these traveling winged wonders. There were just a few people around in those days. Now the crowds are large as people come from across this nation and beyond the borders. Although Magee Marsh is ground zero for bird sighting, all the parks in the area have their own share of migrators.

            If the weather allows, I hope to get out to do some birding myself on Wednesday (today). I am far from an expert and certainly don’t have the sophisticated spotting scopes and cameras that many have. But I enjoy the atmosphere and love the challenge of seeing rare birds.

            As is often the case, people want to be where the action is. We are drawn by what attracts others. Even more, it is exciting to see the beauty and variety of birdlife that comes our way each year. These birds are also God’s special own.

“Look at the birds in the sky….”

Matthew 6:26


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