I walked barefoot through my backyard to pick some flowers for the kitchen table. The lawn was spongey, still soggy even though it was a couple days after the latest rain.

            Earlier in the week it had rained a lot. A lot. And it had stormed. At first the thirsty ground had soaked up the water. The rain was better than any sprinkling system. But the precipitation kept up. And the next day there was even more.

            The ditches were full; new lakes formed in neighboring fields. The river ran high and fast. And my backyard lawn was saturated with water.

            Saturation, like a sponge full of water, means it had more than enough. It was full, ready to release it to bare feet stepping on the sod. More than enough, but lush and ready to help the grass grow,

            Whoever said God’s grace is enough had a point. But I’d rather think that God’s grace is like the rain on the lawn, more than enough. We are saturated in God’s grace! God never provides ‘just enough’ but always in abundance.

“Wherever it flows, the river teems with every kind of living creature:  fish will abound.
Where these waters flow they refresh; everything lives where the river goes.”
Ezekiel 47:9


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