On Monday I watched some of the ‘Great American Solar Eclipse’ on the Weather Channel. There were reporters and scientists strategically placed throughout the country where totality would be achieved. Moving from the northwest to the southeast, these men and women took turns sharing their experience.

            One scientist in the west was crying as the eclipse passed, saying it was the most beautiful thing she had ever experienced. She then apologized for being so emotional.

            There may be many possible explanations for people becoming emotional about something like a total eclipse. For some it can be the intrinsic power or beauty of the event. For others, it can be finally seeing what was long awaited and planned for. Or perhaps the emotion flowed from being part of a rare occurrence beyond words. Or the thrill of being part of a crowd that shared it!

            Over the years I have had occasions when I was very moved. In most cases, the source of such power was catching a glimpse of mystery. In a world of high technology and advanced science, it is still good to discover that we are not always in charge. In many ways and with frequency, we are called to enter the Mystery of God in our world. Mystery is always beyond words!

“The sun halted halfway across the heavens; not for an entire day did it press on.”

Joshua 10:13


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