(I write this with trepidation. Usually when I indicate that I like something, I end up receiving an overwhelming amount of that item from generous people. Please remember that I already have all that I can eat.)
            This is the time of year for visiting apple orchards. This is when people stop and eat apples they have just picked off the tree. These are the months for chomping into an apple that virtually explodes in your mouth with a tart and overwhelming burst of flavor.
            Although I have a tremendous sweet tooth in other areas, when it comes to apples, I look for one that wakes up my palate. With that first bite, the entire mouth comes alive. In chewing each mouthful, I can taste autumn. There is nothing passive or humdrum when it comes to eating something so fresh.
            It is easy to become mesmerized by life. Routine begets indifference. Day to day activities can become flat. We easily forget to really live.  Once in a while, even in a simple act of biting into an apple, we can be awakened.
            Life is to be experienced. For that purpose God has given us the sense of taste…and great apples to enliven our taste buds.

“Taste and see that the LORD is good….”
Psalm 34:9


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