I love coffee. It's not just the caffeine but also the unity that grows from sharing a good cup of java with friends and colleagues.

Here in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, I find my appreciation of that wonderful beverage growing. On this mission trip, as with all trips here, I am rediscovering all the many steps that go into coffee production. 

There is the art of growing coffee trees. Then comes arduous task of picking the crop. Taking the produce to market is where the real production begins. The outer fruit is removed through a water process. Then the inner seeds (the coffee beans) are dried in the sun for ten to fifteen days until dry. This requires them being turned every twenty minutes, a chores that we helped in.

Then comes the removal of the next layer, the husk. This is followed by hand-sorting and then roasting. Only then can the coffee be shipped. After shipping there will be selling, grinding, brewing, and finally consuming.

I look at the cup of coffee that I hold in my hand and thank God for all those persons who worked so hard to allow me this moment.


"I was thirsty and you gave me drink."

Matthew 25:34


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