As I watch the bricklayers cover all the yellow insulation on the exterior of our new building, I am aware of the many aspects of the construction that are already invisible to the viewer.

            The footer, as important as it is, lies beneath everything and cannot be seen. The cement blocks on the walls were covered with insulation, which is turn will soon be hidden. The steel beams are in the process of being covered over. Even the metal studs will not be seen as the dry-wall covers them.

            Yet all these aspects of the construction are important.

            Any good building is made up of more than meets the eye. Much work is done and completed but remains invisible. We rely on the firm foundation, the strength of the beams, the certainly of the concrete, and the stamina of the internal walls. Yes, there will be paint and there will be furniture. But much of what really matters and creates a strong building simply doesn’t show itself to visitors.

            Hidden strength is something to be appreciated.


“I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me.”

 Philippians 4:13


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