Protecting Our Common Home.

Our Natural Environmental Stewardship Team (OurNEST) is focused on caring for all our brothers and sisters, throughout the world, by protecting and preserving the environment on which our lives and livelihood depend.  We are responding to Pope Francis’s call to “Care for Our Common Home,” as described in his recent encyclical Laudato Si’.  Our activities so far have included the blessing and planting of a tree for Earth Day 2015, the start of a recycling program at St. John XXIII, and hosting presentations on Laudato Si’.  We are also examining the causes of climate change, and identifying ways we can, as individuals and as a society, work to mitigate the risks that climate change poses.

Our next event will be a screening of the feature film “Chasing Coral” in late June.  This film includes stunningly beautiful photography of corals, but also captures their bleaching and death caused by climate change.  Over a half billion people depend on coral reefs for food, income, and protection from storms.  We’ll discuss what we can do to prevent corals from going extinct.

For more information, please contact Bob Clark-Phelps at 419-377-1540 or