by Fr. Herb Weber


I can recall some forty years ago when diners in restaurants would create stories about their pets in order to justify taking uneaten food home. Consequently, restaurants started providing ‘doggie bags.’ After a while no one any longer felt it necessary to play the pet-at-home game. Boxes and containers are readily provided for any customer.

            Many people have discovered that leftovers from a restaurant may be sufficient for a second meal. Admittedly, some food reheats and tastes better than other previously-served foods. Often consumers become quite skilled at creating new ways to serve what was left from a previous meal, whether that meal was at home or in a restaurant.

            All this leads me to think about the Thanksgiving Day meal. I love leftover turkey, perhaps more than the original meal. This is especially tasty when eaten in mini-sandwiches made with leftover dinner rolls. 

            Leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner also represent abundance, an abundance that is shared with all those present. A great meal should provide enough to satisfy everyone so that no one needs to leave hungry. Like God’s love itself, there is always a great supply. As we approach leftovers, maybe the spirit of thanksgiving should remind us to be grateful of God’s generosity signified in the abundance of food set before us, even on Friday or Saturday…

“Stay at the same house, eating and drinking whatever you are offered.”

 Luke 10:7




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