The rain had left puddles everywhere along the trail. The cold weather that followed the rain produced ice on those puddles. The warming ground allowed the water beneath the ice to be absorbed. What was left was a sheet of ice covering nothing but air.

            There was evidence along the trail that pet dogs – as well as perhaps a few humans – discovered the ice was fragile. It was thin and had no support since the underlying water was gone.

            A hollow sound echoed when I threw a small stone on the ice, reminiscent of striking a snare drum. The same weather that caused the ice to lose strength provided a rhythmic soundtrack to my walk.

            Nature is constantly changing. Rain, cold air, ice and warm earth! God is always at work in our world. Praise God now and forever!

"From the breath of God ice is made, and the expanse of the waters is frozen.”

Job 37:10


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