On the window sill of a parish meeting room there are two pots of red geraniums, first brought to the church for last year’s celebration of Pentecost. During the summer they were taken outside where they resided, still in their pots, in the prayer garden. Before fall’s first frost, they were rescued and placed on the window sill, which is their current address.

            Both plants are thriving, flowering and creating new blooms. There is special joy in seeing summer flowers blossoming in the winter.

            All that stands between these flowers and their frozen cousins out in the garden is one very thin pane of glass. What’s more, that bit of glass has not only protected them but enhanced the sun and warmth on their leaves.

            I’ve been meditating on that thin sheet of glass that is clear and virtually invisible, yet a protection from the cold, wind and frost. God has a way of providing protection and growth for us as well. We can’t see it, but we have a name for it: grace.

“But grace was given to each of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.”



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