Sunday we celebrated Masses in our new church. The eastern sun came through the massive windows and touched the water of the Baptismal Font, reflecting onto the ceiling. Since the font water was constantly moving because of the flow from the upper basin, the reflected light danced wherever it landed.

            Several persons told me they noticed the circle of light and all its variations. It was as if it were alive, an appropriate analogy since we think of Baptismal waters as the source of new life in Christ.

            Reflections, like shadows, only exist in relationship to their source. In this case we had both water and sun. Both are essential elements for life.

            My prayer is that the small circle of dancing light on the ceiling will also be a reflection of how our church community will offer Christ’s life and light to all.

“Whoever believes in me, as scripture says:

‘Rivers of living water will flow from within him.’” 

John 7:38


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