Stepping outside on late summer nights one hears plenty of crickets. In fact, they provide the background for any other conversations or noise. Yet we use the word ‘crickets’ to denote no sounds at all.

            In recent years the term ‘Crickets’ has been used to say that there was no response. For example, the sentence: “People could speak up and protest something bad that is happening, but instead there are crickets.”  A little research suggests that this use of crickets comes from old movies when characters are outside at night and only crickets can be heard, meaning no sounds at all.

            The chirping sound of crickets comes from them using their wings (not legs, as people assume) as a kind of musical instrument. The males are trying to impress females as well as warn off other males. But what if a cricket hears no response? Do they say, “nothing but people”?

             I must admit that I like crickets (except when they show up in church). They deserve more respect than we give them. Tonight I will open my bedroom window, as I usually do, and let the soothing sound of crickets provide a lullaby. Much better than hearing nothing!


In the morning you will hear my voice;

in the morning I will plead before you and wait.

Psalm 5:4


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